Fine-Arts photography for the happy and adventurous

We do things a little different around here.  The goal is to provide an experience that will create memories that will last a lifetime, in a way where you can relax and soak up every single second of being in the moment with your favorite people.  Here we do a lot of adventure, a whole lot of emotion, connection and living in the moment.  I'm not sure about you but I am obsessed with life and I have an even bigger obsession with creating art that tells a story of the memories you want to remember for years to come. 

Whether that be the first moment you kiss your soon-to-be husband on the top of your favorite mountain, the fishing adventure your son has with his Grandpa, or the family adventure to the tree farm picking out this years Christmas tree.  These seemingly tiny moments in life are what I live for and they deserve to be told in a way that is authentically you.  Let's work together to create your next adventure.  

I'm Sterling!

hey friendS,

I am the head photographer and creator. I am honored to get to know you, learn about your dreams for the future and the visions for the moments you want to relive time and time again.  My goal is to make capturing your memories and the entire experience stress-free and fun as possible.  

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